Oodlawirra Farm is located in Marulan at the bottom of the Southern Highlands and top of the Southern Tablelands in NSW, Australia.

Our friendly and quiet Miniature Belted Galloway cattle are bred as paddock pets for small acreage properties, hobby farms, first-time livestock owners and as breeding stock for the show ring. We fell in love with this diminutive, rare and friendly breed of cattle and are currently building up our herd. Inquisitive and docile, if you’re in the paddock, they’ll come over to see what you’re doing and to catch a scratch under the chin.

Our Mini Belties are all fullblood and registered with the Australian Galloway Association (AGA). Beltie cattle originated from Galloway on the west side of southern Scotland more than 300 years ago. An extremely hardy breed, they can tolerate extreme cold and heat and have the ability to forage and thrive in marginal conditions or perform outstandingly on high grade pasture. Their heavy, double hair coat means that heat loss is reduced and winter feed costs are significantly less. They shed their coat in hot weather, making the Belties a highly adaptable and versatile breed across a varying Australian climate.

As non-selective grazers, they are far more friendly to the environment than full-size cattle and help with weed control and pasture management. Our pasture continues to improve using a combination of grazing Belties, mulching and paddock rotation.

Miniature Belted Galloways have only been recognised in Australia for inclusion in their own category in breed society Herd Books for around the last 25 years. A miniature female is no more than 120cm at the hip and 125cm for males. A full-grown cow can weigh between 350 – 600kg. The breed are long living (many live for 17-20 years), very resistant to disease and create strong hybrid vigour due to the purity of their breed. Miniature cattle are not tiny like miniature goats or horses, they are small size cattle with short legs, super cute to look at and easy to manage.

To find out more about our Miniature Belted Galloways and availability of stock, please check our Facebook page for regular updates and photos.

Oodlawirra means ‘tree and hill country’ in Aboriginal language and we acknowledge the Gundungurra people as Traditional Custodians of the land here and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.